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Scotland Travel Campervan Guide

Advantages of Using Campervans for Your Vacations


The first benefit of using campervans for a vacation is the freedom to be on your own time table. Campervan is a very powerful vehicle yet built with a van frame, they are much more compact than a larger motor home. They are mush easier to park and are much better on gas than a motor home. They can easily fit in a drive way and can also easily parallel park when one ventures out into the city.

Because they are powerful they can pull between 5000 and 7000 pounds of weight. For instance they can pull a horse trailer, quads, a snow mobile and a bo at. That's a benefit, because people can bring their own toys with them on vacation, and not have to rent any. They offer much more mobility and are much more economical than a motor home.

A Class B campervan is built in the perimeter of a van, B+ campervans is a little narrower than a Class B, and usually doesn't have the sleep cabins. Campervans have full kitchens, a stove, microwave, and a refrigerator, counter space, this varies from brand to brand of campervans.

With a full kitchen people will be able to cook their own meals and not have to go to pricey restaurants, which offers a huge savings. It's also great if someone travelling has a special diet. Campervans are equipped with bathrooms and showers, when someone has to use the restroom while on the road, there is no need to stop at sometimes dirty and unsafe rest areas.

The bathroom is also with the travelers. New campervans are equipped with lith ium batteries, that can run an airconditioner for at least 6 hours, without it being charged. It's a great feature, especially if a pet has to be left in the van for short periods of time. To know more about the best campervans to hire come visit